National Awardees

Achievement in every field of human endeavor. Those words penned by our beloved Founders established the Fraternity’s disposition among Greek-lettered organizations . Understanding that personal achievement is vital towards an individual’s ability to positively promote the interest of mankind, the Fraternity bestows its highest honors on those who exemplify the virtues enumerated by Diggs, Lee, Armstrong, Grant, Alexander, Asher, Blakemore, Irvin, Caine and Edmonds.

The North Central Province is proud to recognize the following members for their stellar achievements and contributions, both to the Fraternity and the public. Kappa Alpha Psi awarded these members its highest honors and we’re delighted that they are members of the “mighty” North Central Province.

Laurel Wreath Laureates


Elder Watson Diggs Awardees

  • Myron L. Hardiman


Guy Levis Grant Awardees (Undergraduate)

  • Oscar Jerome Stewart
  • Shyheme McElroy
  • Chase Rollins

Byron Kenneth Armstrong Scholars Award

  • Shyheme McElroy

Bert V. Wadkins Award (Guide Right Director of the Yeat)

  • Martin Hill