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Thank You from The Indpls Alumni Chapter

19 Aug 2011

The Indianapolis Alumni Chapter is deeply honored to have had the great privilege and responsibility of hosting our 80th Grand Chapter Meeting and Centennial Conclave Celebration. We have heard from brothers from coast-to-coast about the life-changing experience they had at the Grand Chapter Meeting. Whether it was reconnecting with line brothers, chapter reunions, fellowshipping with families, the unbelievable pilgrimage to IU, or kneeling at the Delphic Shrine, brothers are reporting that they had the experience of a lifetime.

The planning of such an auspicious occasion was certainly a major undertaking that brought its share of challenges. For three years, Indianapolis Alumni tried to predict the unpredictable. We worked tirelessly to forecast the needs of thousands of brothers for an event that would be unprecedented in Kappa History . . . 100 years of Kappa Alpha Psi. While International Headquarters ably put together the conference itself, your Brothers of the Indianapolis Alumni Chapter worked to craft a social experience around the Conclave that had never been attempted in the history of our great fraternity.

In designing a program of social events that spoke to every brother, regardless of their age and stage in Kappadom, we planned an ambitious schedule with multiple events going on each evening. As a way to give brothers greater flexibility to move between social affairs, we offered an all-access pass. It has come to our attention that some brothers who possessed the all access pass did not have the opportunity to participate in the event of their choice.

We deeply regret the unfortunate experience those brothers endured. As anyone who attended understands, the Grand Chapter Meeting exceeded everyone's expectations for attendance. Brothers who possessed the passes still had to arrive early to fully participate in certain functions because of the enormous crowds. However, predicting that some events would exceed capacities in the numbers they did was unexpected. We believed that by offering multiple events the crowds would be more equally distributed. There would have been no conceivable way to hold a space for the more than 3,000 people who purchased an all-access pass at any one event. We did run into capacity issues, especially as brothers arrived at some events later in the evening.

In recognition of the frustration that some of our brothers experienced during the social affairs or in any other host chapter activity, the Indianapolis Alumni Chapter will be making a contribution to the Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation. As Brothers of Phi Nu Pi, we are disappointed that everyone's experience wasn't optimal, but are pleased with the many complements we have received. We sacrificed much time, talent, and treasure to entertain our brothers, and we believe we did a very good job in hosting this once-in-a-lifetime event. To the extent that we did not please everyone to the extent we wished, we are obviously disappointed. As it certainly was not our intent to profit on the misfortunes of our Brothers, we think that contributing to the official philanthropic arm of our Grand Fraternity is a reasonable gesture of our appreciation and commitment. Our contribution to the Foundation is our way of furthering the tenets of Phi Nu Pi since it is not possible to sufficiently manage each individual situation.

It is Kappa tradition that the Conclave returns to Indiana each quarter century. We are already looking forward to Conclave 2036! Until then, please accept our sincerest appreciation for your attendance in Indianapolis, and we hope to see you in Houston in 2013.

Yours in the Bond,

The Indianapolis Alumni Chapter
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Gene Murray

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