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A Founders' Day Message

Brothers, Happy Founders’ Day!

On this day, I bring you greetings from the road as I head to Memphis for our National Founders’ Day event.

As we celebrate the founding of our grand fraternity, let us remember the 10 men who paved the way for all of us. Also, let us celebrate the first century of Kappa…the experiences had, the impacts made and the bonds forged. Furthermore, let us look to the future…what Kappa can be and how we can have an effect on our communities. It is the strength of knowing our past that will help us succeed in the future, both as an organization and as individuals.

While the fraternity hit an important milestone – its century mark – this past year, the journey of Kappa continues. It has been said that “life is a remarkable journey that takes us up and down a road of happiness [and] growth … and sometimes pain and hardship.” The journey within Kappa is no different.  Remember that it is these experiences that shape us and, collectively, shape the Fraternity.

Lastly, I trust that each of us will continue to create and build the culture of achievement that makes Kappa Alpha Psi a place in which undergraduate and alumni alike can thrive and of which we can be proud.

Brothers, have a safe and happy Founders’ Day, and hold the dream of our beloved Founders high in your heart.  “Here’s life and strength. Here’s health and wealth. Here’s all in Phi Nu Pi.”

Yours in the Bond,

Korlon L. Kilpatrick

Polemarch, North Central Province

Polemarch's Message


Brothers, please use the following blog as a way for me to openly communicate important and relevant information to you. Be sure to check back often, as I will look to post updates periodically. Use this as your resource as we continue to build upon our 100 year journey into the next century of our beloved fraternity.

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