Kappa Alpha Psi Supports Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Kappa Alpha Psi Supports Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts


Typically during Labor Day weekend we would have been reminded of the importance and power of hard work and the labor movement. Filled with reflections of a summer gone seemingly too soon, and anticipation of autumn and seasons beyond. Instead, we were consumed  with the ongoing recovery efforts from the Hurricane Harvey catastrophe.  So many of us have personal connections with someone affected in Texas and Louisiana by Harvey. And many of those connections are our Kappa brothers and their families.

Grand Polemarch Thomas L. Battles earlier this week put out a call for all Kappa to come to the aid of those in the affected areas.  The request is for Kappa to contribute at least $100,000.  The Kappa Foundation has established the iKare Hurricane Harvey Initiative. Through this initiative we make sure the assistance gets to those in need.

My request is the members and chapters of the Brothers North Central Province collectively contribute at least $9,000 towards the iKare Hurricane Harvey Initiative.  Frankly, I understand there is a fatigue over how many requests for financial contributions go out to our chapters and brothers. But this is an extraordinary circumstance and I’m confident that the brothers of the North Central Province are willing and able of stepping up to the plate.

The alumni members of the North Central Province Board of Directors have personally committed to a collective total of at least $800.  Additionally, the NCP Board of Directors has approved a contribution of $3,200 from the Province Exchequer. These funds will be forwarded to the iKare Hurricane Harvey Initiative.

What else can we do?

I’m asking that chapters make contributions in the amounts they see fit.  I’m also asking that acall goes out individual brothers and others of good will to make a contribution to the iKare Hurricane Harvey Initiative.

In order for us to report back on the you our progress on this initiative, we have set up a special Donate button on the North Central Province website – http://kapsi-ncp.org. We will use the Province Keeper of Exchequer as the transfer agent and all funds received will be forwarded to the iKare Hurricane Harvey Initiative of the Kappa Foundation.

Or you can donate on the iKare page – https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/ikare        If you chose this option, please be sure to indicate you are a member of the North Central Province before entering your payment information.

We will continue to update you with ways to support the relief efforts in the coming days.



Yours in the Bond,

Byron C. Thornton
24th Polemarch – North Central Province

Welcome Our 24th NCP Polemarch

Welcome Our 24th NCP Polemarch

Polemarch's Message, Uncategorized

Greetings my Brothers!!

In assuming the role of the 24th North Central Province Polemarch today, I’m humbled and excited.  Humbled by the tasks that lay ahead, excited by the confidence I have in the brothers of the North Central Province to meet those challenges. Our Grand Polemarch has laid out the mission of the 33rd Administration “Rebirth, Reclaim, Recommit, by leaving No Brother Behind”.  We will be fully dialed into the Grand Polemarch’s mission here in the North Central.

We have a rich and storied history in the NCP.  The home of the Alpha and Omega of Kappa Alpha Psi, where so many of our Founders and early dignitaries journeyed to and made their home. Some of the challenges we face in the NCP today are not too different than those faced in the early part of the 20th century.  Namely, sustaining our undergraduate chapters on the campuses of PWIs, growing their membership, and bringing to bear all the resources available to propel our undergraduate brothers through graduation, into careers, or graduate/professional school.  By the time you arrive at C.R. Wilson Leadership Conference in Madison, WI October 27-28th, we will have details on operationalizing our initiatives to address these challenges.

One of the pillars we will rely on to assure excellence in our undergraduate chapters is the chapter advisors.  Never before has this role been more critical to the success of our undergraduate chapters.  If you are serving as an advisor or supporting an advisor team, I have a few requests.  First, be sure to schedule meetings with the school administrator to establish a relationship.  Secondly, develop and maintain a close relationship with the members of the undergraduate chapter and be in tune to what’s happening on the yard.  We have the tools at our disposal to assure the undergraduate chapters thrive. And they must thrive and prosper.

While we will keep a keen focus on our undergraduates, let us not lose sight of our Senior Kappas that continue to anchor us here in the North Central.  They have loved Kappa for a long time and are able to contribute years of experience in a multitude of areas.  Make sure your chapter provides Senior Kappas with programs geared towards their interest and needs.  We can’t afford to leave any brother behind.

In our province we are blessed with a dedicated and knowledgeable cadre of officers and committee chairs.  Don’t hesitate to call upon any of us – we are here to serve you!  Between now and our Province Council Meeting in South Bend, April 2018, I hope to visit with every chapter in the North Central Province and looking forward to fellowshipping with all the brothers.

In closing I’d leave you with this:
Let’s be our best on the yard and in the community – The roots of true Achievement lie in the will to become the best we can become.

Yours in the Bond,
Byron C. Thornton
24th North Central Province Polemarch
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.